1. I have a true partner in running my properties!

    I always thought that property managers were a dime a dozen, and all the same.  You hired one just to handle the tenant phone calls when you were tired of doing so.  But with Sustainable Property Management a Keller Williams Preferred Realty, I have a true partner in running my properties just like they said, like a business.  I sleep better at night, not just because the phone calls don’t co…Read More

    Tom D., Boulder, CO.
  2. Their support from Keller Williams management team is wonderful!

    With my old property management company, although I received the rents on time, I never knew how the properties themselves were doing.  When I would decide to sell a property, I was always shocked at their condition, and surprised that I had to spend thousands to fix up.  For all the management fees, why wasn’t I aware of their condition! Well that’s no longer a problem now that I am with Su…Read More

    Peggy D., Littleton, CO.